Academy Training

UPcite offers tailor-made training sessions to offer a pragmatic perspective on product marketing and market management. Get everyone on the same page.
Full Product Marketing Matrix
(Covering all aspects of the Product Marketing Matrix. From the strategic to the tactical, covering both market management and product marketing services.
Market & quantitative analysis, strategic and product planning, promotion and communications, sales tools and channel support.
(1 or 2 day versions)
Market Management
Essential training for all Marketing Managers covering all elements of market analysis, business case, pricing, positioning, toll-out and lead generation.
(Half-day to 1 day courses.)
Bespoke Training
Tailor-made training sessions covering only the topics you or your organization needs. Maybe just a Product Management flavor, or possibly strategic market analysis - build it your way..
(Variable time.)
Product Marketing
Essential for all Product Marketing Managers. covering competitor analysis, win/loss, requirements, release, sales tools, collateral and channel support.
(Half-day to 1 day courses.)

Product Marketing - The Pragmatic Approach

Product marketing is not an all-or-nothing process. Some tactical tasks offer a quick return on investment but it is essential not to lose sight of the complete picture. Whether the assignment is a renovation of corporate and product positioning or a more strategic role such as product manager or marketing communications manager, the larger product marketing goals must be kept in mind.

The pragmatic approach is to solve the critical strategic problems at source while delivering tactical goals:

  • Discover true competences
  • Uncover prospect problems
  • Analyse the market & competition (SWOT)
  • Visit the buy-build-partner equation
  • Position to meet buyer pains
  • Upgrade product according to market evidence (not opinion)
  • Update sales & promotion tools accordingly
  • Evangelize as market demands
  • Manage customer churn rates, etc.

Following a mixed strategic & tactical approach ensure long-term, sustainable growth based on hard proven facts.

  • Explore roles & responsibilities
  • Relationships of Product Marketing
  • Learn how to gain credibility
  • Learn how to listen to the market
  • Learn how to prioritise the strategic & the tactical

Who Should Attend?

Target for C-suite level down to developers.. Understand roles & responsibilities of Product Marketeers in 4 hours or 4 days..