The Product Marketing Matrix

Product Marketing is typically defined as the group that plans the go-to-market strategy, responsible for launch planning, determining appropriate vehicles for awareness and lead generation, and providing product content to marketing communications and the sales channel.

Product Marketing spends the majority of their time delivering product content in support of the sales effort. Product marketing is heavily involved in positioning and market messages, defining a marketing plan, and creating the collateral and sales tools. Few product marketing managers spend time on operational metrics, making buy/build/partner decisions. In effect, product marketing is less about defining the product and more about delivering it to market.

Yet 58% of product marketing managers are responsible for writing market requirements, a job typically associated by the title of product manager. 93% have positioning as their responsibility while only 35% gave defined buyer personas for their market messages. 75% perform market research but only 21% reported visiting customers or sales prospects.

The Product Marketing Matrix attempts to rectify the discrepancies and bring order to the process.
Market Analysis
Competitive review, technology assessment, define prospect problems, conduct market research and define your distinctive competences.
Strategic Planning
Innovation, thought leadership, product pricing, business case creation as well as the buy, build or partner decision.
Promotion & Communication
Advertizing, press, speaking opportunities, lead generation, presentation, demo, printed collateral, electronic collateral.
Channel Support
Special calls, seminars & trade shows, corporate visits & events, support.
Quantitative Analysis
Conduct win/loss analysis, uncover product profitability, sales analysis, and market sizing.
Product Planning
Product definition, positioning, sales process, roll-out scedules, requirements gathering and release milestones.
Sales Tools
White papers, cost justification, news flashes and social media updates, competitive write-ups.
Marketing Matrix Training
UPcite offers extensive training in all aspect of the Product Marketing Matrix
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