Long-Term Roles

With decades of experience in a variety of roles including project, product and marketing manager, UPcite fulfils the following roles for long-term and short-term assignments:
Instant CMO
Corporate Marketing Manager

Strategic marketing coordinated consistently across sales and product teams. Combine strategic corporate planning with product and brand developments.

Product Manager
Coordinated product delivery and planning to to meet market needs. Competitive review, technology assessment, win-loss analysis, requirements definition and product life cycle management.
Instant CPO
Product Director

Coordinated product management from market driven direction. Product positioning, distinctive competence, market research, prospect problems, market sizing, sales analysis, business case, buy-build-or-partner decision, pricing, product definition and roll-out.

Product Marketing Manager
Marketing communications to match market expectations and tactical strategy. Corporate, PR, advertising, lead generation, sales and marketing collateral, white papers, events and cost justification..